Environmental policy

The environmental policy of Schjerning Farver A/S is to produce and sell products that are as eco-friendly as possible. All activities are completed with the lowest possible consumption of resources and with as little pollution as possible.

Schjerning Farver A/S:

  • Will, through the further development of production methods, continue to work towards a reduction in the impact that the production and use of our products have on people and nature.
  • Commit ourselves to complying with existing legislation and regulatory requirements about environmental practices and other provisions that the organisation has endorsed, including the Joint Council of Creative & Hobby Materials and the Nordic Ecolabel scheme.
  • Will ensure, through the assessment of risks and opportunities in relation to our stakeholders, activities and significant environmental issues, that our environmental management system considers these risks and opportunities.
  • Use suppliers and hauliers who support the environmental requirements that Schjerning Farver A/S pose on products and supplies.
  • will ensure, via Lean and stand-up meetings with our employees, that processes are carried out as efficiently as possible, and we will focus on continual improvements.
  • monitor our most significant environmental impacts, by measuring key indicators and checking these to ensure that we comply with our environmental policy.
  • will, in collaboration with the authorities, prepare and maintain contingency plans that protect the environment in cases of spillage and accidents.
  • inform the company’s employees about our environmental policy and environmental work.
  • Through education and motivation, the company will increase the employees’ knowledge of and sense of responsibility towards the external environment.
  • Will continually revise our environmental policy so that it always lives up to the demands of the surroundings and our own intentions.
  • Commit ourselves to continual improvements and pollution prevention.