Nordic Swan Ecolabel


The Nordic Ecolabel is the official ecolabel in the Nordic countries. The ecolabel makes it easy for you to choose the most eco-friendly products.
The Nordic Ecolabel poses strict environmental requirements on all relevant phases of a product’s lifecycle. This means, among other things, that Nordic Ecolabelled products comply with strict requirements on chemicals – for the benefit of the environment and your health.
When you choose a product that carries the Nordic Ecolabel you help reduce the environmental impact.

At the same time, you can be sure that it is among the most eco-friendly products – without compromising on quality.


Nordic Ecolabel – further information

Read more about Nordic Ecolabel at Ecolabelling Denmark or Nordic-Ecolabel.


Colours certified with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel

Greenspot Ready MIX was the first hobby colour which  met the strict environmental requrements to achieve the Nordic Ecolabel. Now we have also eco-lablabelled a vintage colour Greenspot Vintage and an acrylic colour Greenspot Akryl Satin.