Paper Embossing



Paper Embossing

Make your own beautifully embossed paper using Schjerning Relief Base and Relief Medium.

The embossed paper can be used for decorating e.g. Chinese notebooks, scrapbooks, maps and painting canvases.

It is easy and great fun, and the procedure can be split into three phases as described on the following pages.

  1. Paper embossing using a form
  2. Gluing embossed paper onto e.g. a book
  3. Patination of embossed paper

You need:

  • A suitable embossing form e.g. a grid, a grater, a basket, building blocks, stamp blocks – anything with a pattern

  • Schjerning Relief Medium

  • Schjerning Relief Base

  • A soft brush

  • Soft paper, e.g. napkins or kitchen roll

  • A spray bottle with water

  • Schjerning Acryl Satin or Art Metal, if you want patination

  • Schjerning glossy lacquer 5390 (Slutfernis), if you want a glossy surface after patination

See or download pdf-file with step-by-step guide.