The Danish A-label – your guarantee for a pure product
When you choose a product that carries the Danish A-label, you get a product that is safe to use – even for young children.
The A-label is your guarantee that the product does not contain hormone-disrupting substances, heavy metals or allergenic substances above the triviality limit. The products contain neither perfumes nor fragrances.
The Danish A-label not only complies with legislation, it goes one step further to comply with the following stringent requirements:
  • The product does not contain hormone-disrupting substances (in compliance with EU stipulations).
  • Butylparaben and propylparaben must not be used in the product.
  • No perfumes or fragrances may be added to the product.
  • The product must comply with requirements about the lowest possible level of heavy metal emission.
  • Allergenic substances must only occur in amounts that are below the triviality level.
  • Substances that are carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic to reproduction (CMR) must only occur in amounts that are below the triviality level.
  • Only a specific group of approved preservatives may be used.
  • No products may contain hazardous substances that are required to be mentioned in the safety datasheet.
  • A safety datasheet must be elaborated for each product.
  • No A-labelled products are hazard-labelled.
CE certification
All hobby products that have play value for children under the age of 14 must be CE-certified.
An A-label and CE certification are two different things.
In order to get CE certification, requirements must be met concerning, among other things, various forms of documentation during the production process. Requirements are also posed on testing for mechanical-physical properties, inflammability and selected chemical substances (EN71-1, 2, 3). CE-certified products must not contain substances that are hazardous to health, but the requirements are not as stringent as those mentioned above. In order to achieve A-label certification, a product must comply with requirements about the ingredients that are so stringent that they meet the chemical section of the Danish legislation about toys.