About Schjerning

Environmentally friendly production in Denmark
Schjerning Farver is an innovative and specialised enterprise. We develop and produce hobby colours and glue at our factory in Ebeltoft, in the center of Denmark. We have our own laboratory and we mix all colours ourselves to guarantee the contents and a uniform, high quality. We are flexible and we strive to produce and deliver quality on time with all due respect for our environment and health. We wish to provide inspiration for new ways of using our products to make children and adults enjoy themselves and create their own universes by using our colours.

Long tradition for quality
Schjerning Farver is founded in 1886. At that time, Emil Schjerning dealt in colours, but he was not satisfied with the quality. Therefore, he started mixing his own colours, which would meet his high requirements.
Taking the lead
Emil Schjerning took the lead when talking of quality. His great-grandchild, Birger Schjerning, also lead the way in 1993, when he decided to develop quality colours without the use of dissolvents. We continue to take the lead when in terms of optimising production and delivery, developing quality and caring about the environment to the benefit of our customers.


Emil Schjerning

Innovation Prize

We are proud of the prize we received for the Creative World trade fair’s most innovative product 2014, i.e. our new Paper Embossing (Products are Relief Base and Relief Medium). The prize is awarded each year to a product that focuses specifically on creativity, imagination and innovative thinking. Read more about Paper Embossing here.